Bar Briefs Magazine

General Submission Guidelines

  • All members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in the Bar Briefs!
  • Deadline is always the 5th of the month prior to the month of issue (or the business day closest to that date) e.g., October 5th is the deadline for the November issue.
  • The DBA office uses Microsoft Office 2007. If your office has the capacity to save your article to disk or attach it to an email, please do so to avoid re-keyboarding. Please do not submit your article as a pdf.
  • In general, 2 to 3 pages typed double-spaced will fill 1 to 1½ typeset pages in the publication.
  • If for some reason your article will be delayed or unavailable, please let the Publications Director know as soon as possible so the issue will not be delayed.

Editorial Control

Bar Briefs retains editorial control over all pages. Usually, this control is exercised in terms of: trimming articles or items due to space restraints; correcting improper grammar; conforming text and headlines to Associated Press style rules (supplemented by our own internal style rules); and determining the final appearance of page layout.