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Editorial Guidelines

Dayton Bar Briefs, published monthly from September through June and then once in the Summer, is for lawyers and other legal professionals who are members of the Dayton Bar Association. Dayton Bar Briefs helps lawyers stay current and share in-depth information on the latest legal developments, issues and trends with their colleagues around the greater Dayton area. Dayton Bar Briefs publishes practical and procedural articles on Ohio law and theoretical and philosophic articles on legal topics. Articles of broad interest to the Dayton bar are preferred.

The editorial guidelines of the Dayton Bar Briefs is under the supervision of its Board of Editors (the Dayton Bar Briefs Editorial Board) and is implemented by the editor.

The provisions of the guidelines are:

  • All submissions to Dayton Bar Briefs are subject to approval by its Board of Editors.
  • Articles are judged on importance of topic, accuracy, clarity, timeliness and writing style.
  • Articles not written in standard expository style are not accepted. Do not submit briefs, summaries, outlines or memoranda.
  • The Board of Editors reserves the right to require rewriting or editing as a condition of publication. The editor reserves the right to edit all material.
  • No compensation is paid for submissions.
  • DBA members are given special consideration in submitting articles for the magazine.
  • No topic may be “reserved” for an author who indicates either verbally or in writing that the author intends to submit an article on a particular topic.
  • Statements or expressions of opinion appearing in the magazine are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of the Association, Dayton Bar Briefs or the editor.
  • The editorial goal of Dayton Bar Briefs is to provide DBA members with a forum for the discussion of all viewpoints. However, the Board of Editors reserves the right to reject any manuscript at its discretion.
  • An author may request the reconsideration of a manuscript that has been declined for publication in Dayton Bar Briefs. The request must be made in writing to the Board of Editors, and the decision of the board is final.

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Editorial Calendar

The materials deadline is always the 5th of the month prior to the month of issue (or the business day closest to that date). Contact Shayla M. Eggleton, Publications Manager: publications@daybar.org with any questions, comments or concerns.

Issue Materials Deadline
September 2017 August 5
October 2017 September 5
November 2017 October 5
December 2017 November 4
January 2018 December 5
February 2018 January 5
March 2018 February 3
April 2018 March 3
May 2018 April 5
June 2018 May 5
Summer 2018 July 5