Personnel Placement Service

Personnel Placement Service For Employers

For Your Support Staff Needs

The Personnel Placement Service is a service of the DBA designed to meet the support staff needs of legal professionals in the Miami Valley area. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, temporary or permanent staff, the Personnel Placement Service can meet your needs with a substantial savings in time, effort and fees.

All potential employees are screened and tested by a noncommissioned personnel consultant.

Please note, this service does not place attorneys. If you are an attorney seeking employment, please contact our Publications department about placing an ad.

The PPS can staff your office with full-time, part-time or temporary personnel in the following positions:

  • Legal secretaries
  • Legal assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Administrative assistants
  • File clerks
  • Runners
  • Legal administrators / office managers

No Need to Pay for Expensive Employment Advertisements and Spend Valuable Time Reviewing Stacks of Resumes…Let Us Provide You With Resumes and Test Scores of Several Qualified Candidates, Each of Whom have Been Interviewed, Tested and Personally Selected for Your Opening.

How Does the PPS Work?

Fees shown reflect special pricing for DBA members – for nonmember pricing, please contact Lori at lluebben@daybar.org

Full-Time Permanent Positions: A fee (currently $800) will be charged to the employer for each person placed in a permanent position.

Part-Time Permanent Positions: A fee (currently $400) will be charged to the employer for each person placed in a permanent, part-time position (25 hours or less per week).

Temporary Positions:We provide service to meet your needs during vacations, maternity leave, work overload, sick leave and leave of absence. Our temporary employees are paid a minimum of $14.00 per hour by the employer. A fee of $12.00 per day will be charged to the employer by the DBA. Temporary employees are not employed by the DBA nor are they paid by the DBA. The PPS acts as a referral service, matching qualified individuals to member offices. Each member office is expected to pay the temporary employee directly, consider the temp an employee and adhere to all appropriate laws and regulations as with any other employee.