Personal Placement Service

Personnel Placement Service

The Dayton Bar Association’s Personnel Placement Service serves both member firms and prospective support staff candidates. We match qualified and experienced applicants with temporary, part-time or full-time openings in our member firms.

For the Employer, we interview, test and personally select candidates to fit the requirements of the position to be filled in your firm.

For the Candidate, our personal interview process helps determine the type of position you desire, your experience and special skills to assist us in finding the proper fit within the legal community.

Opening the Door to Your Legal Support Career

The Personnel Placement Service (PPS) is a service of the Dayton Bar Association designed to match qualified, screened and tested applicants with member lawyers or<>firms that have full-time, part-time, temporary and/or permanent legal support staff needs.

Please note: This service does not place lawyers.

Schedules that Fit Your Needs

The PPS offers full-time, part-time, permanent and temporary positions and will work with you to place you in a position that best suits your needs.

A Variety of Professional Positions

The PPS can help you begin or advance your career in legal support. We place qualified applicants in a wide variety of law-related positions including:

  • Legal secretaries
  • Legal assistants
  • Paralegals
  • Word processors
  • Office assistants
  • File clerks
  • Runners
  • Legal administrators / office managers
  • Bookkeepers

Competitive Wages

Our temporary employees are paid a minimum of $14 per hour by the employer. The wages for permanent employees are set by the employing lawyer or firm. Temporary employees are not employed by the DBA nor are they paid by the DBA. PPS acts as a referral service, matching qualified individuals to member offices. Each member office is expected to pay the temporary employee directly, consider the temp as an employee and adhere to all appropriate laws and regulations as with any other employee.

Let the PPS Help You Demonstrate Your Skills

The Personnel Placement Service now offers Prove It!® Testing to help you demonstrate to potential employers that you have just-the-right skills.

We provide basic testing scores with all resumes sent to prospective employers. However, you can give your resume an extra boost by including additional tests and test package scores to your cover sheet. Let your skills shine every time your resume is sent to our members. You can purchase tests individually at $8 per test or a package of five tests for $25. Below is a list of our most popular tests – a complete list of all tests available may be found here.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Clerical Proofreading
  • Data Entry
  • Following Verbal Instructions (audio
    Office Administrator Favorite!
  • Bilingual Tests: French, Spanish & German
  • Office Management Skills
  • Basic Litigation Knowledge
  • Paralegal Skills
  • Legal Vocabulary
  • Legal Staff Skills
  • Legal Spelling

Make sure your skills leap off your resume – Call Lori at 222-7902 today!

Register with the PPS Today

To register with the Personnel Placement Service, contact Lori Luebben in the PPS office by phone at 937.222.7902 or email your resume to lluebben@daybar.org