Lawyers in Transition

Lawyers in Transition

In 2010 the Board of Trustees adopted a new program for attorneys who are unemployed and/or under-employed, e.g., “working out of your home.”

Recognizing that we are living in very tough economic times, the board has adopted a new confidential registry for attorneys who are in dire need of no cost CLE to meet your educational requirements.

You can receive up to six (6) free CLE hours in a calendar year by contacting Chris Albrektson at the DBA at (937) 222-7902 or calbrektson@daybar.org.

We are not alone in this endeavor. Other metro bars, e.g., the Atlanta Bar has a similar program which has proved beneficial to its members who are struggling financially.

This program is not intended for attorneys who are employed full-time with benefits, but rather those who have a true financial need.