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Dayton Find A Lawyer 

An on-line service, brought to you by the Dayton Bar Association in partnership with the Columbus Bar Association. The public will be able to find you and your expertise through multi-page personalized listings that allow users to select an attorney who best meets their needs.

The Dayton Bar Association is already well known in the our community. People know—and trust—the DBA as a resource for their legal needs. By listing on Dayton Find A Lawyer, members can be a part of a bank of attorneys who users know they can trust and respect.

Dayton Find A Lawyer will be promoted online through the Dayton Bar Association’s website and through online advertising, capturing those who are looking for a lawyer online. When prospective clients click on Dayton Find A Lawyer, they will be able to browse among different attorneys to find a lawyer that meets their needs. These listings tell clients what they need to know to connect to you.

Dayton Find A Lawyer enables the prospective client to learn about you in the following areas.

  • Get to Know Me
  • Types of Cases
  • Qualifications
  • History
  • Fees
  • Worldwide exposure with subscription rates at a fraction of the annual cost of a traditional telephone book listing.

    For more information about this DBA Member Benefit Contact:
    Bill Wheeler