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Herbert M. Eikenbary Trust and Grant Program

Attorney Herbert M. Eikenbary granted the bulk of his estate to fund loans to lawyers under the age of 35 who practice and reside in Montgomery County. These loans are to aid young, deserving lawyers who are in need of financial assistance.

Through the efforts of the Trustee’s and the Dayton Bar Association’s counsel, we have been successful with the Court to better effectuate the purpose of the late Herbert M. Eikenbary’s will by increasing the amount of loans made to young attorneys, which was originally only $500.00 per loan. The maximum individual loans, presently, are available up to $6,000.00 at 4% interest. This is indeed a big difference from the original loan amount of $500, but the interest amount has remained the same so the financial burden will not be weighted heavily.

In addition, the Association was successful in furthering the purposes of the trust to provide individual grants up to $2,000 per individual. Application forms are available from the Herb Eikenbary Loan & Grant Program through the Eikenbary Advisory Committee of the Dayton Bar Association. If you would like to take advantage of these programs, contact:

William B. Wheeler, Executive Director
Dayton Bar Association
109 N. Main St., Suite 600
Dayton, OH 45402-1129

Herbert M. Eikenbary Trust and Grant Program Application Forms